What Should I Do If I Get A Ticket For Driving In Australia And New Zealand?

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1. Tickets
Tickets are divided into two main parts, late payment of highway tolls and violation of traffic regulations.

1)Highway late payment tickets

There are several highways in Australia that are relatively concentrated, mainly in Sydney and Brisbane areas. More than 95% of the highways in New Zealand are free of charge, but there are a few tolled sections that are automatically charged, you need to register on the website in advance.

Of course, before we start the trip, we can set the navigation to avoid the toll highway, so that we don’t need to worry about the toll collection problem.

The first thing the dealership will do after receiving the ticket is to charge your credit card $60-$75 for each ticket, after which the ticket will be scanned for you, or you will need to go to the respective websites of Australia or New Zealand to pay the ticket. (Website can ask the staff when picking up the car, so as not to deal with untimely fines more)

2)Fines for a traffic violation

For red light violations, we will pay attention to the more serious ones, which are less likely to happen. The easiest is speeding and parking tickets.

Especially the caravan speeding, in Australia near the city for this kind of large vehicles speeding catch very strict, some customers have received more than $3000 Australian dollars more than the price of the ticket, must pay attention.

3)Fines for illegal parking

When parking in Australia or New Zealand, the direction of the front of the car must be the same as the direction of the road. If it is a parking lot, there will be pay stakes next to it. The same applies to the roadside, there will be a Pay&Display sign or $ to indicate that you need to pay.

Parking tickets will be placed on the glass window, you can log in and pay according to the website on the ticket, or go to the nearby post office to pay the fine. If you are caught on camera, the ticket will be sent to the dealership, and a fee of $60-$75 will be charged for each ticket, after which the dealership will inform the police department of your contact address to send the ticket to China, or scan and send an email and pay online according to the instructions on the ticket.

4) Collection of fines by the dealership

The dealership may also charge additional cleaning fees if the sewage and wastewater tanks are not emptied, or if the garbage and refrigerator are not emptied when the vehicle is returned. Also, fuel and gas need to be topped up unless additional items are purchased for prepaid fuel or gas.

2. Vehicle Breakdown

1. Please contact the rental car store or call the 24-hour assistance hotline on the car key in a timely manner.

2. If you are unable to drive normally, please describe the situation to the staff and follow the instructions. If there is a mechanical breakdown and repairs are needed, you need to get permission from the dealership and keep the receipts, and the dealership will pay for it when you return the vehicle.

The main faults in the caravan are the fault light coming on in the car and the battery not working properly. When you see an abnormal light on the dashboard, please call the dealership.

3. Vehicle Scuffle

1. If there is injury or death, please call the police immediately, dial 000 for Australia or 111 for New Zealand, and obtain the police accident report and details of the third party involved.

2. If there are no injuries, but the accident is serious enough to render the vehicle inoperable, please contact the dealership to have the vehicle repaired and call another vehicle to continue the rental. If the accident is minor, the vehicle can continue to be driven and be returned to the dealership for processing and filling out a damage report, which will be handled accordingly according to the relevant RV insurance you have purchased.

3. If the accident is minor, you can continue the journey after notifying the dealership.

4. Please keep all documents so that the caravan company can complete all processes smoothly.

Insurance is an essential step for RV driving. Special note: Be sure to ask the amount of coverage and the starting amount of the vehicle.

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