Why Is New Zealand Suitable For Rv Self-driving?

A great place for RV travel.

First of all, the tourism infrastructure keeps up, almost every town has a caravan campground, which provides water and electricity supply, sewage, kitchen, barbecue, laundry, children entertainment facilities, etc., as well as a safe place to stay for caravan driving.

Many places in New Zealand have parking spaces for RVs, providing the necessary conditions for RV travel.

Secondly, the cities are small and there is basically no difficulty in driving into the city. Except for Auckland in the North Island which is slightly complicated, Christchurch, Queenstown and other major tourist destinations in the South Island do not have complicated road conditions, or height restrictions and parking difficulties.

There are RV campsites in the central areas of these places, so when you arrive at the local area, it is no problem to park your RV at the campsite and play on foot.

Thirdly, due to the strong concept of protecting the environment, New Zealand will not build hotels on a large scale, and even if they are built, they are low-rise buildings with a limited number of rooms. This leads to the fact that when New Zealand’s tourist season comes (November-March), rooms will be very tight, and even if you book in advance, the price will be very high.

At this point, the advantage of RVs is very obvious, because RVs only need to have a campground RV space can be, and RV campsites usually have dozens or even hundreds of RV spaces.

Reminder: If the roadside says NO CAMPERVANS or NO CAMPERS, RVs are not allowed to park, and if you park casually on the roadside, you may be reported.


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